Teppan Village accepts online reservations

Due to limited space and in respect for our guests in our second seating, we allow a maximum of 1.5 hours for dinner for our guests in the first seating. If you require a more leisurely dining experience, please reserve your table from 8:00pm onward.

We require early reservations (5pm -7:30pm) to arrive on time. Please check in with your complete party to ensure prompt seating. Please note we are unable to seat incomplete parties, and reservations will not be held longer than 10 minutes.

Larger parties (9 or more) require a valid credit card for reservations to be confirmed. No charges are applied to the credit card in advance. It is a guarantee that the guests will remember to inform us if their plans change. Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation without penalty. In the event of no notification or if we are unable to re-book the table due to short notice, a $25/person fee will be charged to the credit card.

Please select the “Reserve Now” link below, enter your desired date and time, and receive confirmation instantly! For groups of 9 or more please use the Concierge & Group Booking link below.

For Concierge & Group Bookings, please click below.